Co-production Case Studies

Co-production - how we make a difference together has case studies which illustrate how co-production can take different forms: from co-commissioning to co-design and co-delivery and co-assessing.


The examples also show how working in partnership with third sector organisations can help to reach people in communities and involve them in designing and delivering services which better meet their needs and achieve their own personal outcomes.

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lightbulb.pngUpdate: Project 99/AyeMind

The Project 99 / AyeMind work from NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde was featured as part of the ‘Co-production – how we make a difference together’resource, which was launched earlier this year. This article provides an update on the project’s work around digital approaches to young people’s mental health.


Self Management: Why Co-production is Central

This case study from the The People Powered Health and Wellbeing project at The Alliance, the Self Management Network and LGOWIT maps the learning in self management and how this relates to co-production.

It features examples from LGOWIT and Clydeside Action on Asbestos and asks 'What we are learning about co-production through self management?'


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Canny wi' Cash

This case study tells the story of how older people in Edinburgh were given the power to fund projects to better meet their needs through participatory budgeting.

 Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations' Council

Lochside Neighbourhood Group


This story shares the progress the South Ayrshire town of Lochside, where the local community is working in partnership with the council to deliver a common vision for the town.

Lochside Neighourhood Group and South Ayrshire Council

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Co-designing Support From Hospital to Home

This case study highlights the work IRISS has carried out with older people and practitioners in Tayside to improve people's experiences and their outcomes following a stay in hospital.

Institute for Innovation in Social Services

Reshaping Care Through



A partnership of organisations in North Lanarkshire demonstrates how older people's skills and experience were valued and used to co-commission and co-deliver services.

NHS Lanarkshiere, VANL, Scottish Care and North Lanarkshire Council

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Agents of Change

Here, Young Scot worked with young people with disabilities and local organisations in five areas across Scotland to understand how local services could be improved to
meet their needs and enable them to fully participate in local activities

Young Scot


Project 99

Project 99 brought together a range of public and third sector partners to co-design with young people a digital application to promote good mental health in young people.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

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How PRESENT improves the wellbeing of people living with dementia in East Dunbartonshire


The case study explores the ways in which people living with dementia can not only make a contribution to public services but also use their strengths and capabilities to become a ‘pillar’ to other people in their family, personal network and local community.

JIT, East Dunbartonshire Council, Dementia Network and Governance International


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