"Co-production in Scotland"

In conversation with Sir Peter Housden, Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government

In conversation with the Permanent Secretary 3 min from Scottish Co-production Network on Vimeo.

In recent years a number of policy developments have further embedded co-production in Scotland’s policy landscape. Given the continuing socio-economic challenges facing Scotland, it is encouraging that the value of co-production – of working with, rather than doing to, people and communities to achieve better outcomes – is increasingly recognised. As emphasised by the Christie Commission, our public services need to be “built around people and communities, their needs, aspirations, capacities and skills, and work to build up their autonomy and resilience...”

Fiona Garven, Co-Chair of the Scottish Co-production Network met with Sir Peter Housden to discuss co-production. In this wide ranging interview, the Permanent Secretary spoke about the importance of co-production to reforming public services in Scotland, empowering communities and reducing inequalities.

You can watch the full, in depth interview below.