One Size Fits One

Personal outcomes for older People in Fife

One size fits one is a project which matches the aspirations of older people to live well in their own homes with 'microproviders' who can provide a tailor-made solution to achieve this.  Underpinning the work is attention to detail, addressing issues of regulation, safety, quality and sustainability. 


One example from the project is a former school teacher has now become frail and looked after mostly by his wife.  In the course of having an outcome-focussed conversation, staff find he is interested in local history.  He is put in touch with a local microprovider who runs guided walks, re-enactments and other local history initiatives.  The microprovider comes to his home and talks about the work.  In time, the older person was helping with research – not just getting more social contact, but giving back.  When the project is at its best, it creates these opportunities for reciprocity.




In the meantime, One size fits one is linking with the Fife Council Self Directed Supported with the hope that personalised budgets will enable more people to access these kinds of individualised services.

Microproviders themselves are supported by a local social enterprise company and getting training, disclosure checks and other information to ensure they are safe, legal and sustainable.





The project uses existing community assets and helps to grow more that will enable older people to thrive at home. 

Assets: Existing social enterprises and microproviders

Capacity: Working with voluntary sector to grow more capacity in communities to connect with older people in this way

Mutuality: Mutual gain achieved for older people and their microproviders, social work and health, voluntary sector partner organisations

Networks: Microprovider network, NHS and social work staff peer support networks, community capacity building networks

Catalysts: Outside agency Community Catalysts provides expert advice on microprovider support and development


What has been the key learning from the project?

We have found that NHS Staff need a great deal of encouragement and support to work in an outcomes focussed way.  Getting protected time to learn how to work differently is a challenge.  There are lots of people in the community willing to work to achieve lasting solutions for older people.  The devil is in the detail, finding ways to make this safe, legal and sustainable.

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Alison Linyard, Project Manager, Public Health Department, NHS Fife -