Case Studies

We need your case studies!

Co-production is developing in practice all over Scotland across the sectors and with different groups and communities, from young people to self-directed care and in this section we highlight some stories of co-production in practice.

Do you have a case study on co-production you can share? Please contact Olivia with details. You can download a template to complete here

A co-produced breastfeeding support group led by mums and supported by NHS staff in the Dundee area.
A case study highlighting the co-productive approach to addressing dementia care.
A selection of case studies on social commissioning and procurement from Ready For Business
Follow this project in Cornwall where the priority outcomes that are viewed as most important to young people have been identified to form the basis of commissioned support.
East Dunbartonshire Council and partners have developed an innovative response to the challenge of delivering dementia care to the ageing local population.
This case study looks at how a sexual health service for gay and bisexual men in Tayside hopes to embed co-deisgn and co-delivery into practice.
This case study of a community based weight management programme in East Renfrewshire is based on strong mutual relationships between professionals and group members who are encouraged to take an active role in running, evaluating and delivering their project
Age Scotland’s ‘Walk in our Shoes, Act on our Issues’ pack has inspired older people’s groups across the country to tackle the physical barriers that make it difficult for older-people to get out and about locally.
outcomes for older People in Fife One size fits one is a project which matches the aspirations of older people to live well in their own homes with 'microproviders' who can provide a tailor-made solution to achieve this. Underpinning the work is attention to detail, addressing issues of regulation, safety, quality and sustainability.
Perth and Kinross Healthy Communities Collaborative is a community-led health promotion initiative. It works with older people from specific communities, and empowers them to improve health and quality of life for themselves and their peers.
Case studies of community-led health approaches in action from the Meeting the Shared Challenge programme.
Evaluation of the Food Train in Terms of its Economic Value.
FNP is a programme from the USA which has been identified by NESTA as a clear example of a 'co-produced service'.