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Here you can find links to reports and research findings which underpin the theory of co-production - what it is, how it works and why it matters. 



Co-produced evidence and robust methodologies. This report summaries the issues rasied at a roundtable discussion held by Carnegie UK Trust.

Co-production an community development: A discussion paper which outlines how co-production is part of a community development approach.

Co-production -  a manifesto for growing the core economy: A report from the New Economics Foundation which outlines some of the key principles of co-production.

Co-production in Scotland - A policy overview: An overview of the policy landscape in Scotland and how co-production is a component of achieving the aims of a wide range of policies.

Social Attitudes Survey 2015: The 2015 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey has found an overwhelming desire for local people to be involved in the design and delivery of their public services.


Rethinking public services - interviews: The Centre for Public Impact has produced a series of interviews with key figures around public service reform.


Asset based Approaches: Their rise, role and reality. This book examines the role and development of asset-based approaches across three key policy areas in Scotland today. 

99_project.PNGThe Challenge of Co-production: How equal partnerships between professionals and the public are crucial to improving public services 


Participatory research: Health and human rights:  Volunteers at Glasgow Homelessness Network give their  experiences of struggling to achieve equal rights of access to health services.

Growing Community Capacity - OPM:  This blog post which looks at how best to grow community capacity and engage communities./p>


Can collective budgets support people in times of austerity?: This work focused on support to enable people to pool money to do and buy things together.


Involvment in Health and Social Care: These reports from 2013 provide context for the integration of health and social care. 


Widening the choices for support in our old age: JRF has published four new studies exploring potential alternatives to support for older people with high support needs.


Co-production and community resilliance: This paper provides a background to the terminology of co-production and other concepts.