Examples and case studies

See what co-production looks like in action with these case studies and examples from organisations and groups from across Scotland.



The Food Train: This report is based on an evaluation of The Food Train in terms of its economic value, and was commissioned by Community Food & Health (Scotland). The Food Train is a grocery shopping, befriending and household support service for older people in Dumfries & Galloway.


Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) Overview: FNP is a programme from the USA which has been identified by NESTA as a clear example of a 'co-produced service'. Whilst aimed at young mothers, the approach used has applicability for any age group.


Making it happen: Case studies of community-led health improvement in action highlights six case studies of community-led approaches from across Scotland. The report also provides learning from the programme and guidance to how the case studies can be used.


Co-Production in Community led Health: Perth and Kinross Healthy Communities Collaborative is a community-led health promotion initiative. It works with older people from specific communities, and empowers them to improve health and quality of life for themselves and their peers. 


Walking in young and old shoes: Age Scotland’s ‘Walk in our Shoes, Act on our Issues’ pack has inspired older people’s groups to tackle the physical barriers that make it difficult to get out and about locally. Christine McArthur of NHS Highland puts it to use in support of an innovative intergenerational project in Argyll and Bute.



Making it happen: Case studies of community-led health improvement in action highlights six case studies of community-led approaches from across Scotland. The report also provides learning from the programme and guidance to how the case studies can be used.

Men Only Tayside: This case study looks at how a sexual health service for gay and bisexual men in Tayside has been engaging with men in the area, and hopes to embed co-deisgn and co-delivery into developing the service. It describes an initial needs assessment process, the findings from which have informed a new sexual health service, and how men who use the service have helped co-design a website, and co-deliver a 'meet and greet' service and peer-led interventions.


Reshaping Dementia services in East Dunbartonshire: East Dunbartonshire Council and partners have developed an innovative response to the challenge of delivering dementia care to the ageing local population.


Transforming Youth Services in Cornwall: For the past year New Economics Foundation (nef) have been working with youth services in Cornwall on a specific approach to transforming youth services, focussing commissioning on outcomes and embedding co-production in the design and delivery of all youth services. 


Social value case studies: This selection of case studies from Ready for Business demonstrates social value through procurement. The case studies illustrate examples of social value in commissioning & procurement and successful Third Sector and public sector engagement from a number of perspectives. 


Governance International has published a case study highlighting the work of the East Dunbartonshire Advisory Clinic, set up to address the issue of an aging population in the the area, based strongly on the principles of co-production and involving both statutory and voluntary organsations in reshaping care.


Lochside Neighbourhood Group: This case study looks at the work of the Lochside Neighbourhood Group - a South Ayrshire regeneration forum with its roots firmly planted in co-production, partnership working and bringing together a common vision for the improvement of Lochside and its community. 


IRISS Pilotlight project case story: This case details the Pilotlight Project, run by the the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services. Pilotlight aims to deliver four pathways to self-directed support in the form of service blueprints. 


Case study: NHS Tayside Breastfeeding initiatives. Janet Dalzell, the Breastfeeding Co-ordinator in Tayside NHS, a midwife, was committed to working in ways which understood and responded to how mums experienced health care. 


Video Case Studies: These video case studies were produced as study visits as part of the 3rd National Co-production Conference in 2014. Each study visit highlights the work of five organisations who are working across Scotland on a range of different work around co-production.


Co-Production Case Studies: Co-production - how we make a difference together has case studies which illustrate how co-production can take different forms: from co-commissioning to co-design and co-delivery and co-assessing.



Co-Production in Scotland: Fiona Garven, Co-Chair of the Scottish Co-production Network met with Sir Peter Housden to discuss co-production. In this wide ranging interview, the Permanent Secretary spoke about the importance of co-production to reforming public services in Scotland, empowering communities and reducing inequalities. 



Think Local Act Personal is a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support, based in England and Wales.They have been developing a series of resources around co-production and its importance in delivering services. 



Year of the Dad and Co-production: Douglas Guest Head of Programmes at Fathers Network Scotland writes about Year of the Dad and how co-production will be a key part of the campaign.


Intensive family support through prevention and family empowerment in Coventry:This case study of Coventry City Council, produced by Governance International, shows what can be achieved by a strategic approach to ‘early help’ embedded in co-production with families and partnership working with other agencies.

Blog: Hilda Campbell from COPE- Working together to make a difference. Community led initiative, co design, co-production, user led, participatory budgeting, and more.


Weight to go (WTG) is a community based weight management project based in the Dunterlie area of Barrhead in East Renfrewshire. Staff from the CHCP Health Improvement Team worked with this community to co-produce a pilot weight management project based on the needs identified by the community. 


Co-production in a humanKINDER way. Emma Barrett Palmer is a freelancer who works with people to solve complex problems. Her new venture is humanKINDERwhich focuses on real world social innovation.This blog was passed along by our colleagues at Iriss, a key partner of Co-production Week Scotland. Learn more about Iriss here.


Edgar Cahn: Scotland is taking the lead worldwide on Co-production. As part of Co-production Week Scotland 2016, Edgar Cahn, creator of Timebanking and author of No More Throw-away People: The Co-production Imperative, writes about his support for the week, the progress made and how co-production is now more imporant than ever. 


Our GP Co-design demos: The ALLIANCE have been working with people and professionals on ‘Our GP’, a pioneering Scottish Government funded project that aims to ‘co-design’ future digital GP services. This has led to the co-creation of three innovative citizen-led ideas for new digital GP services. 


David Reilly, Chair of Govan Community Project: David Reilly is Chair of Govan Community Project and works for the Scottish Community Development Centre, which runs the Scottish Co-production Network. Here, he talks about his experiences of refugees coming to Glasgow, and how co-production is key to supporting them


It's all about relationships: The Scottish Recovery Network were involved in an innovative partnership project in Argyll and Bute brought carers and practitioners together to develop and test approaches to improve carer involvement in mental health services. This blog details the work carried out. There's also a 5 minute film which highlights the project. 

"Rocky Road"- New short film on co-production in Scotland: Rocky Road’ tells the inside story of how local community activists took over the Community Centre in their ex-mining village Dalmellington.



Engaging young people in shaping local services:With funding from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Space Unlimited has been working in partnership with New Gorbals Housing Association and Govanhill Housing Association to engage young people in shaping services and opportunities in their local communities that they believe will help to address the attainment gap.


Care examples on Co-Production: SCIE have published a list of care examples on Co-production titled ‘Co-production in social care: What it is and how to do it'. These examples include people with mental health problems, with dementia, young people leaving care, young people with disabilities making the transition to adult life, carers, and some ‘everyone in a local area’ example.