Working together to make things better – Ayrshire Co-production Event 

Menzies Hotel, Irvine 30 April 2014-06-11

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On 30 April the Scottish Co-production Network, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, North, South and East Ayrshire Councils, and the Volunteer Centre East Ayrshire, invited 150 guests to the ‘Working Together to make things better’ Ayrshire & Arran co-production event.  Held at the Menzies Hotel, Irvine, the event aimed to create a shared understanding of co-production with statutory and voluntary sector senior managers and leaders and to consider next steps in placing co-production at the centre of how we all work to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Ayrshire and Arran. 

It was a great day presenting opportunities for people to hear about the local and national perspective, take part in lively discussion, debate, networking and much more.  The packed programme was introduced by Anne Clarke, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, Chair of the Co-production Steering Group and included presentations and contributions from Fiona Lees, Chief Executive, East Ayrshire Council, Ewan Kelly, NHS Education Scotland, Lisa Curtice,The Alliance and Mark McGeachie, Joint improvement Team. The morning session included the opportunity for people to share and discuss their local co-production projects and the afternoon session took an open space approach to provide a platform and freedom for people to discuss what was important to them.  

Finally, to find out how much our guests knew about co-production both pre and post event, check out our voting boards for results...

Before... After...!



Morning Session

Anne Clarke, Chair of the Co-production Steering Group got the day off to a great start by welcoming our 150 guests to a packed programme on co-production and working together to makes things better in Ayrshire and Arran. 

However, before the event got fully underway guests had the opportunity to consider – ‘are you a blob or a square?’ as they viewed ‘No more throwaway people’ which nicely set the scene for the rest of the day.

You can watch the video below.



Fiona Lees, Chief Executive, East Ayrshire Council gave an overview of the Vibrant Communities collaborative approach to working together with the voluntary sector and local communities to find local, sustainable solutions to the issues affecting local communities.

18.jpg__Ewan_Kelly_NHS_Education_Scotland.jpgEwan Kelly, NHS Education Scotland spoke passionately on the value of co-production by reflecting on the challenges faced by services, individuals and communities. 

Encouraging guests to take some time for personal reflection and to consider how we can nourish our own strengths and assets to focus on the opportunities that these challenges can bring, Ewan’s thought provoking presentation was followed by our World cafe session which gave guests a chance to see co-production in action with some local examples of the excellent work that’s already underway in Ayrshire.

 World Cafe – Co-production and assest based work

  • Co-producing Health: Partners in Care - NHS Ayrshire & Arran
  • East Ayrshire Community Led Action Plans: The Story So Far... – Vibrant Communities
  • South Carrick Project – Pastoral Support Volunteers – NHS Ayrshire & Arran, South Ayrshire Council, local faith groups
  • Generations Working Together and the Link to Co-production – Volunteer Centre, East Ayrshire
  • The Lochside Neighbourhood Group: Making a Real Difference in Our Community
  • RecoveryAyr & CAFE HOPE – South Ayrshire ADP
  • ABCD Early Years Project – NHS Ayrshire & Arran, local communities
  • Feet 1st (Third Sector Foot Care Project) – CVO East Ayrshire
  • Working with TreMENDous Graduate Club and a Group Leader – Healthy Powerful Communities, University of the West of Scotland
Images of the World Cafe sessions

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World_Cafe_discussion__Feet_1st_.png 25.jpg__world_cafe_discussion_group_.png 23.jpg__world_cafe_discussion_group_.png

Afternoon session

Lisa Curtice, of People Powered Health and Wellbeing and Mark McGeachie, Joint Improvement Team set the scene for the afternoon session by presenting the national perspective, setting out co-production in Scotland and how to make it happen.  Then it was over to our guests in the Open Space session which had lots of vibrant discussion, sharing ideas and looking at next steps...

Event feedback – What did our guests take the time to tell us?

“Good opportunity to discuss some specific issues.  Lively conversation. Helped see things from a variety of perspectives”

“the open space session was very good and gave me the opportunity to hear from many different people”

“lots of new information but programme was a bit packed. I actually took time out to discuss and missed a workshop through choice to do that”

“Good opportunity to hear comments/thoughts from other partners”

“the show casing of projects was interesting and it was good to see what is going on in other areas”

“like the blobs and the squares...”

“great place to network...”

“will use the good examples to give inspiration”

“A great start – a real buzz and hopefully there will be further events...”


Graphic Facilitator Albi Taylor recorded the event – look out for Albi’s series of graphics very shortly...