Can collective budgets support people in times of austerity?

Over the last four years nef has been the learning partner for the up2us programme which has focused on personalisation in housing care and support by enabling people to pool money to do and buy things together. This work has been led by HACTwith partners in six pilot areas in England. The work has been trying to understand the following:

  • How easy it is to buy things together with personal budgets? They found it’s not as easy as it could be, but not impossible - and definitely worth the effort.
  • What types of things do people want to buy when they pool their budgets? A wide range of things, from trips, courses, gym equipment or meals out, as well as jointly buying personal support.
  • Do people report any benefits from buying things together? The pilots found that people said they were able to do more things, and felt their wellbeing had increased.

You can read the full report and find out more about Up2Us here