Unusual Suspects festival

 The Unusual Suspects festival is coming to Glasgow this October. The festival will comprise of three days of ideas, solutions and debate- all exploring what happens when social innovation meets collaboration and how, by working with different people, we can meet some of society's most pressing challenges, together.

The Festival brings together the 'unusual suspects’ from across Scotland and the world- from youth clubs to ex-footballers to think tanks and governments- all to explore how we can work together in new and different ways to create real social change.  The festival want to hear from the ‘unusual suspects’ because they think that talking with someone with a different perspective helps us to imagine new possibilities and develop different outcomes.

All events aim to connect people doing social innovation, but who don't necessarily identify as 'innovators' - the Unusual Suspect - with the social innovation community, facilitating collaboration across silos and traditional boundaries.

After the success of last year's Festival in London, the Social Innovation Exchange is hosting the Unusual Suspects Festival again this year in Glasgow in October.

You can see the full programme and find out more here.