Think Local Act Personal

Think Local Act Personal is a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support, based in England and Wales.

The partnership spansthinkocal.png

  • central and local government,

  • the NHS,

  • the provider sector,

  • people with care and support needs, carers and family members with whom we engage via the National Co-production Advisory Group.

They have been developing a series of resources around co-production and its importance in delivering services in the context of England and Wales and the Care Act (2014).

Guidance for the act identifies co-production as an important factor in delivering services:

'The statutory guidance for the Act talks a lot about co-production. It encourages co-production as a local approach that can help councils meet new duties through partnerships between councils, citizens, providers and communities. It recognises that individuals and communities have skills, gifts and assets that can benefit from local plans to deliver on new duties around wellbeing, prevention and market shaping.'

It also notes co-production as an important consideration of the commissioning process:

'[The Care Act 2014] says that commissioning and market shaping should be a "shared endeavour" with "commissioners working alongside people with care and support needs, carers, family members, care providers, representatives of care workers, relevant voluntary, user and other support organisations and the public to find shared and agreed solutions".'

The site features a series of practical examples and case studies of co-production, or where a co-productive approach would have been useful. It also has a quiz, to test your knowledge of co-pro in action and compare scores with your colleagues…

You can access the co-production section here and the full site here.