The Citizen Participation University 2017

The Citizen Participation University (CPU) is a multi-day, intensive residential training and strategic planning gathering that is equal parts theory, practice, and networking for people trying to make the world a more democratic and just place.

Our cities and towns are crucibles where the best and worst parts of our shared society come into close contact with one another. At CPU 2017 we will we focus on local action by asking…

  • HOW do we work at the municipal level to build the world we want to live in?
  • WHAT are political, organizing, and governing responses that put ALL our residents first?
  • WHAT tools exist to build democracy from the bottom-up, from participatory budgeting to “open-source” political platforms?
  • HOW can we make our cities and towns engines to innovate a new, more equitable, and green economy?
  • HOW can we build movements at the local level to combat the closing of the civic space?

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