SRN: It's all about relationships

The Scottish Recovery Network were involved in an innovative partnership project in Argyll and Bute brought carers and practitioners together to develop and test approaches to improve carer involvement in mental health services.

In October 2013 a group of people got together to discuss how carers could be better involved in mental health services in the area.

What was achieved?

  • Increased recognition amongst NHS staff of the value and benefits of involving carers
  • Better links between NHS services and Carers Centres e.g. in Oban the project has led to the setting up of a carers mental health support group
  • Better mutual understanding between carers and practitioners of the need to work together for their own benefit  and the benefit of people using services
  • A letter with a named nurse is now sent to all carers when someone is admitted to in-patient services 
  • “The letter meant they (carers) feel they are not a nuisance. They feel they are valued and it’s okay to be involved”

This blog details the work carried out. There's also a 5 minute film which highlights the project. 

Triangle of Care (5 min) from Scottish Recovery Network on Vimeo.