Scottish Government launches 'Creating a fairer Scotland' discussion

The Scottish Government has launched a new campaign which seeks to capture the discussion around how Scotland can be a fairer and more equal place to live. 

Based on the local experience and expertise of people and communities, the Scottish Government is hoping to bring together new and on-going discussion, as well as take on board practical solutions and ideas to tackling poverty.logo-map.png

Capturing the voices of those with direct experience of poverty and exclusion will be a key part of the discussion, with voluntary organisations and public sectors, charities, councils, large and small businesses, trade unions also playing a pivotal role.

There are multiple ways to join the discussion:

Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil launched the national discussion, which will take place over the summer and into autumn, in the Kirkshaws Neighbourhood Centre in Coatbridge, saying:

"Tackling inequality, along with building a prosperous and competitive economy, is at the heart of the Scottish Government's commitment to creating a better country for all. The two go hand in hand.

"It is important that we are an open and accessible government. We want to tap into conversations many people and communities are already having throughout Scotland, rather than consult on whether or not people agree with a range of ready-made proposals.

"We recognise that it will take time to achieve our shared vision of a fair, equal and socially just Scotland. We are not looking for quick fixes or temporary measures but long lasting change that can benefit the whole nation."

You can read more here.