Shaping Scotland’s Vision for Co-production

SCN Learning event
Tuesday, 14th March 2017

The Studio, Glasgow

Throughout 2016 and in the lead up to Co-production Week Scotland, we asked the network to share with us their vision for co-production in Scotland in order to develop a shared message on what co-production can mean for communities, practitioners and policy makers in Scotland. 

Here are some of the visions for co-production:

  • "That it's led by communities - by the people in communities and supported by organisations"
  • "Co-producing public services becomes the new 'normal'."
  • "My vision would be that meaningful co-production is at the core of all initiatives, policies and legislation..."

With this learning event we invite network members to co-produce this shared vision - what it says, how it looks and who it might be aimed at. We'll present some of the vision statements we've collected so far and use participative techniques to develop them further.

We will also hear from Coproduction Network Wales, who will provide an ‘expert listener’ role on the day and share their reflections about our collective vision, as well as share their experience from Wales.

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The event is aimed at anyone with an interest in influencing the way we deliver public services in Scotland so that we work alongside citizens or service users as equal partners, and recognise and support independent community action.

We'll provide more details soon. Places will be limited and we'll confirm them via email before the event.

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