SCN Learning Event: Learning Through Stories

Tuesday 15th November, 09.30 – 1.30 including a networking lunch


Tayside Deaf Hub, The Old Mill, 23 Brown Street, Dundee, DD1 5EF

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Taking place during Co-production Week Scotland, this event will invite participants to explore what can be learned through stories of co-production, and think about how personal and community stories are at the heart of the approach.

When people are involved in making decisions that affect them and their communities, it can have a lasting impact, on their lives and how wider communities engage in shaping public services. The Scottish Co-production Network has gathered a vast range of these co-production stories from across Scotland, and beyond. But how can we use these to help deepen our understanding of the impact of co-production, and share what works to support others to embed co-production in their approach?

Scottish Co-production Network members from Dundee will share their own experiences, and demonstrate some creative ways that people have come together to shape activities and support for their communities, including:

Making recovery real logoMaking Recovery Real in Dundee -  a partnership project involving local statutory and third sector partners and Scottish Recovery Network which is working to ensure that the voice of people with living with mental health problems is at the centre of the journey to transform mental health and support in Dundee. They do this by working with people to collect and share stories of lived experience and recovery to influence policy and practice and by creating more roles for people with lived experience in peer support, peer education and learning and in strategy development. Co-production is at the heart of this project as it is working with people to increase opportunities for people living with mental health problems to have both a say and role in the design and delivery of services and supports to improve mental health and wellbeing in Dundee.

GreenbudsGreenbuds -  a project based Dundee Association for Mental Health, that encourages individuals to access outdoor activities to improve mental health and wellbeing. Participants are involved in all aspects of the project including planning, delivery, evaluation and development. This co-productive approach demonstrates that not only do individuals have the capacity to be the driving force for the groups activities, but that the project truly flourishes when they feel empowered to pursue what matters to them most. Greenbuds ‘co-producers’ will give a practical example of the creative ways in which they bring people together to share their stories and shape the groups’ activities.


Deaflinks logoDeaflinks -  a co-production organisation which evolved from direct demand from deaf and deafblind people for an organisation that truly meets their needs and involves them in all aspects of service planning and development. It was set up by deaf people in January 2009 and is truly a deaf-led organisation. The vision of deaf and deafblind people in Tayside is to develop services, promote activities and learning that truly reflect the needs of sensory impaired people in the area that will empower them to become equal, independent and active members of the communities in which they live. Deaf Links have co-production embedded in everything they do. They work as equal partners with local deaf and deafblind people in developing and delivering services locally.

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