Rights and Resilience Project launched

Inclusion Scotland has launched an innovative new project to help disabled people and their communities mitigate the negative impacts of welfare reform.

By working in partnership with disabled people and their organisations (DPOs) and linking with organisations providing advice, information and services, the project will co-produce strategies to boost the resilience of disabled people in the face of an increasingly hostile social security system.

How can you get involved?

If you are a disabled person  - get in touch and tell Inclusion Scotland about your experience of claiming or living on benefits. What challenges have you faced, what or who has helped you, and what support would make a positive difference?

If you are a Disabled People's Organisation (DPO)  - let them know what you are doing to help your members deal with welfare reform, and what would make this job easier. Do you need: Information resources? Training? Useful contacts?

If you provide advice and support around benefits, employability, income maximisation or digital inclusion  -  Are disabled people engaging with your service? Tell Inclusion Scotland about the issues you think disabled people are facing and what you might need to better support this group.

If you are an organisation which has resources or ideas you think might help - please tell Inclusion Scotland about them!

Get in touch with the Inclusion Scotland Rights and Resilience Project Officer!

E-mail: Rosalind@inclusionscotland.org

or call 0131 2810859