Rethinking Public Services - Interview series

The Centre for Public Impact has produced a series of interviews with key figures around public service reform.

The series features contributions from a range of backgrounds, (including SCDC Director Fiona Garven) who each examine how public services can cater to the changing environments we're faced with - especially in the context of the post-EU referendum.

The Centre for Public Impact notes:

"Few doubt the value of world-class public services. But the question of how they should evolve to meet new conditions in the future is harder to answer. Here, we examine the state of play in the UK. Facing economic challenges aplenty post-Brexit, we consider how policymakers and citizens can work together to secure better results."

SCDC Director Fiona Garven speaks about the value of co-production in public service reform and how, through the people who use services and those who provide them working together, co-production can lead to better outcomes.

"The fact is that we can achieve more by working together than we can apart," says Fiona. "Co-production comes down to pooling the knowledge and myriad experiences of the people who use services, deliver and commission them, and working together on an equal basis to make the changes we want to see."

You can also hear from Sir Peter Housden, former Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government who speaks about the importance of engaging people in the decision making process, with contributions from:

  • Sir David Bell, vice-chancellor of the University of Reading
  • Professor Nick Pearce, former Downing St advisor
  • Chief Constable Sara Thornton, Chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council
  • Dame Una O'Brien, Permanent Secretary to the Department of Health

You can read the full series here.