Public health review published

The report from last year's public health review consultation has been published by the Scottish Government recommending that a new public health strategy should be drawn up to help to focus efforts to make Scotland a healthier place.

The review was commissioned by the Scottish Government to look at how Scotland’s public health community could work better together, bring about further improvements in the nation’s health and well-being and tackle health inequalities.

Chaired by Dr Hamish Wilson, the review group gathered views from public health professionals across sectors. Its recommendations include:

  • The development of a national public health strategy
  • An enhanced role for public health professionals in new integrated joint boards, that will link NHS and local authorities as part of health and social care integration, and in community planning partnerships
  • Further work to review organisational arrangements in Scotland
  • Planned development of the public health workforce and wider staffing
  • Clarifying and strengthening the role of directors of Public Health
  • Achieving greater coordination of the valuable input from public health academics

"Community empowerment and co-production present a major opportunity for public health, not least in terms of building resilient communities."

CHEX contributed to the review consultation, calling for the contribution of community-led approaches to public health to be better recognised.  In a section entitled "Third Sector and Communities", the report acknowledges that public health "should be ‘doing things with, not to’ local communities".  The role of the third sector and community development in working with and empowering marginalised groups is emphasised.

The report also emphasises:

  • prevention and  a focus on the social determinants of health inequalities;
  • "Solutions go beyond the direct control of public health";
  • asset based approaches and co-production; 

Read the Scottish Government press release and download the report.