Poverty Alliance Annual Conference 2017

This year’s annual conference of the Poverty Alliance, Scotland’s anti-poverty network, comes at an important time for the organisation as they mark their 25th anniversary.

Over this time Poverty Alliance have campaigned and lobbied on a wide range of issues – from fuel poverty and food insecurity, to benefit cuts and decent pay. Unfortunately, many of the issues that were around in 1992 remain with us now, despite some of their best efforts. We have seen important changes, but some of those changes have been rolled back and are under real threat again. The economic instability that has come about because of our impending departure from the EU, as well as continuing cuts to social protection means that poverty is likely to increase over the next five years. In this context it is more important than ever that we make the right choices about what we seek to change, and how we go about making that change.

The conference that will have a range of speakers discussing successful campaigns and how we can best campaign for social change. Detail of these speakers and workshops will be announced over the coming weeks. 

This year's conference will take place at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall from 9am-5pm.You can book your free place here