Participatory budgeting and community services

The PB Network has highlighted a blog post on the What Works Scotland site by JZ Hall from PB Partners.

Jez discusses the potential role of participatory budgeting in the future of community service provision, and examines the relationship between PB and the recommendations of the Christie Commission.

Jez notes that:

“PB is about local solutions. Through examining many PB inspired community grants processes I have seen small organisations access public funding that might otherwise be unavailable to them. When a community comes together in a well designed PB process they decide who could best deliver services or needs extra support, and they naturally want to back local solutions the prevent problems down the line. PB is good at building local capacity, and directing much needed resources into social and community enterprise.”

He also highlights some examples from across the UK, including Canny wi' Cash, which is part of the 'Co-production - how we make a difference together' resource and, as Jez notes:

“Reportedly Sir Peter Housden (Permanent Secretary to Scottish Government) name-checked Canny wi Cash as a good example of co-production at the recent 4th National Co-Production Conference in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall.”

Which he did!

It's a good read and highlights the value of PB as part of moving services to a more co-productive model of delivery. Read the full post and here (via PB Network).