Optimising Health Literacy and Access  Event

Leading global health literacy academics from Melbourne, Prof Richard Osborne and Dr Alison Beauchamp will be holding events in Scotland on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th October, asking if by understanding the health literacy needs of people can we use this to drive responsive person-centred, whole system, service improvements?

Thursdays event will be held in Tayside, and will explore whether Ophelia will be useful as a co-productive tool to drive service improvements for the community of Letham.

On Friday they will be in Glasgow initially hosted by Dr Ingrid Young, where Richard will deliver their Maurice Bloch seminar followed by an all-day Ophelia workshop.

Professor Osborne will introduce the Ophelia (OPtimising HEalth Literacy and Access) process which is being implemented in a wide range of settings. Ophelia, developed in Australia, is being applied in Asia and the EU. Following the release of the WHO-SEARO / Deakin Health Literacy Toolkit for Low- and Middle-income countries, Ophelia and related tools have been used in the emergency, hospital, primary care, and community settings. It is being regarded as a fresh and equitable approach to community intervention development and service improvement.

More information here.