New guidance for Single Outcome Agreements promotes co-production

Third Sector intermediary organisations have received a letter from John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth which provides an update on the actions which emerged from the review of community planning and single outcome agreements and promotes recently published guidance on the preparation of new Single Outcome Agreements. The letter promotes the new guidance for Single Outcome Agreements which highlights the importance of the third sector’s role in community planning.  The letter states:

'The guidance also reiterates the National Group’s agreement that new SOAs should include a specific plan for prevention which demonstrates commitment to the approach extending beyond the Change Funds for Early Years, Reducing Reoffending and Reshaping Care into mainstream services. It is clear that greater collaboration both between public bodies, but also crucially between the public and the third sectors will be necessary, as we go forward to deliver our focus on prevention.

The third sector have considerable experience and understanding of working with individuals and communities in developing solutions, and thus mobilising the skills and knowledge of people and their communities, rather than viewing them as passive recipients of services. This co-production of solutions is essential to successful prevention, and I would expect to see collaboration with the third sector fully reflected in prevention plans.'

You can read the letter and the guidance here.