Network activities 2013-14

IMG_0070.jpgWe have been talking to network members to find out what topics are of particular interest to inform our future events.

Please tell us a bit about what you would like the network to do in the coming months. Thanks!



 Early Years
 Health and Social Care
 Community Capacity Building
 Young people
 Human Rights
 Evaluating co-production
 Co-production approaches to evaluation
 Co-production and volunteering
 Methods and tools for co-production
 Open networking / dialogue events
 None of these
 Asset based approaches
 Spirituality and wellbeing
 Community-led initiatives
 Open discussions on a given topic
 Presentations of co-production examples
 Participative workshops led by network members
 Policy inputs
 Invited speakers
 community organisation
 national voluntary organisation
 Health Board
 Local Authority
 Scottish Government
 Social Enterprise
 Business / consultant