Let’s TALK Project

SAMH’s Let's TALK project will challenge stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health; encourage people to think about their mental health; introduce self-management techniques to increase resilience and; support people struggling with their mental health through training, information and signposting, helping to improve lives.

Let’s TALK will seek to engage with grassroots groups and third sector organisations across Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire. These areas have been targeted due to their poor levels of mental health, high suicide rates, long CAMHS waiting lists and due to the fact that they are areas of high deprivation.

Using a place-based approach and dynamic and interactive engagements Let’s TALK will connect directly with people through the following activities in order to help identify ways participants can take control of their lives and build resilience, better equip people to shape activities and services to better meet their needs and improve access to support and opportunities to improve their lives: 

  • Let's TALK Pop-up Gatherings. These will take place across all 3 localities utilising community centres, youth clubs, 3rd sector forums and conferences. The Gatherings will be a catalyst to starting positive conversations about mental health and the first steps for people to consider their own mental health by completing the WEMWBS wellbeing assessment via the SAMH website. 
  • Let’s TALK Engagements are bespoke workshops that will be delivered using a modular training package (co-designed by the Let’s TALK Trainer and volunteers). Personalising the content with case studies and real-life examples relevant to the audience will ensure maximum impact. The Let’s TALK Engagements will be active, interactive and, wherever possible, take place outside and away from the usual meeting or work places. The Let’s TALK volunteers will receive training and regular support and supervision. Participating in the co-production and delivery of activities empowers participants to share their own story and experience and increases confidence and self-esteem. Facilitating positive conversations about mental health will breakdown the stigmas and discriminations that people with mental health problems often face. Having a more tolerant society where mental health can be openly discussed helps to strengthen communities.
  • The MeTIME Promise will encourage people to commit to taking time out for themselves in order to improve and manage their own mental health. People will be supported by fortnightly SAMH motivational resources providing hints and tips on self-management linked to the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and Let’s TALK will also develop a guided mindfulness podcast, downloadable from SAMH’s website.
  • Mental Health Community Champions Training will be offered to participants who wish to progress further. The 2 day Champions training course is designed to build the capacity of key people in communities or workplaces who in turn will increase awareness and importance of taking care of mental health and wellbeing. Training topics are Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing, Having Positive Conversations about Mental Health, SafeTALK and Identifying and Signposting to Local Resources. Participants will receive a SAMH Mental Health Community Champion badge, identifying them as the first point of contact for mental health and wellbeing related issues.

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Do you, or someone you know, want to find out more to maintain their mental wellbeing?

Are you someone who could volunteer and would like to help create safe spaces for people to have positive conversations around mental health and support people in finding other aids to recovery?

Are you a charity or an organisation that can provide advice and support around issues such as health and wellbeing, equal opportunities, employment, learning,  finances?

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For more information on the SAMH Let’s TALK project please contact Emma Straughan, Let’s TALK Project Facilitator on the contact details below.

Email: Emma.Straughan@samh.org.uk