Co-production in Action

Iriss has published an activity report of their place-based work in Maddiston and Rumford, which explored with local people how they felt about the area they live in.

The report outlines the work to date of the Getting There: Maddiston and Rumford project and presents some challenges that, when addressed, have been identified as benefitting people living in the local area.

Outputs in brief:

  • Completion of a local enquiry that involved asking local residents about their experiences of living in Maddiston and Rumford.
  • A Community Feast event brought together local people and organisations to celebrate, and share food and ideas around activities that would benefit the area.
  • Following a community vote at the Feast, five local projects have been given small amounts of money to spend on activities that were deemed to have a real positive impact on local people.
  • An asset map has been collated and hosted by Maddiston Community Council which captures the range of the local community assets (resources, places, activities and businesses) in the area.

Read report here


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