Fire Starter Festival 2017

SCN team members were went along to some of the great events happening as part of the 2017 Fire Starter Festival, including the 100 Stories event that took place in Glasgow as part of the week.

As a follow up to the week's activity there are various things to take a look at:


Please share your feedback on the events – and the festival as a whole – via this Google form.

They are also piloting the use of Open Badges for Fire Starter Festival. If you would like to claim the participants Sparks badge, then click here. If you would like to know more about what Open Badges are, then please click here.

Future Events and Opportunities

You may also want to hold the 6th June 2017 in your diaries for a follow up event ‘Fanning the Flames’ where we will be sharing stories, outputs and experiences from 2017, and coming together to help shape Fire Starter Festival 2018.

Finally, there is a padlet (like an online whiteboard) for people to share ideas more widely. If you have a project or programme you would like to have a wider audience participate in, please share some information here

There are also various social media platforms (linked below) where you can stay in touch with us, and other Fire Starters. If you have any other comments or questions, please email