copro_man.jpgCreating a vision for co-production in Scotland

During our first ever Co-production Week Scotland, we asked you to help us develop a vision for co-production in Scotland.

We received vision statements from across the country, which highlighted how and where co-production is happening in Scotland, and what you want co-production to achieve in the future.

We collated those vision statements, and in March 2017 we invited network members to come together to develop the vision further based on the statements we had received through the Co-production Week process.

So where are we now? Below is a draft statement, which we would like your thoughts on:

"Our vision for co-production in Scotland is that all people are valued and supported to meaningfully participate in shaping and delivering services, building and strengthening their communities, and creating change."

We want to know…

  • Do you think the vision represents what we collectively want to achieve for the future?
  • What are the principles which will help guide this vision?
  • What context are you working in to achieve this vision?
  • Do you have a story that will bring this vision to life?

Tell us what you think

We are developing a contextual model for the vision statement, and your responses will help us to shape what that will look like. We’ll continue to finalise the draft statement with a view to launch it in October 2017.