Co-producing cultural competency

Join Iriss on Wednesday 7th March for a day of discussion and talks exploring how co-production can equip social services with the cultural competency they need when working with Gypsy traveller and Roma communities. A chance to identify the unique challenges facing these two distinct communities in Scotland and think about creative ways to overcome them.

Cultural competence is defined as the ability of providers and organizations to effectively deliver services that meet people’s social, cultural, and linguistic needs. Stemming from their recent work exploring the social worker’s role in protecting the human rights of Gypsy Travellers, they will explore how we can change cultures within organisations and support the creation of a culturally competent workforce alongside the involvement of Scottish Gypsy Travellers and Roma people.

On the day you will hear from Gypsy Traveller and Romani speakers who will present national projects that have used creative methods to achieving better outcomes for Scottish Gypsy Travellers and Roma People as well as from academics and researchers who have worked alongside these communities.

Iriss will also take some time to introduce the Iriss Co-production Project planner and explore the potential of co-production methodology in the development of cultural competency for social workers engaging with Scottish Gypsy Travellers and Romani communities in Scotland.

The day will conclude with a special performance from Thomas McCarthy, a well renowned Irish Traveller Singer who comes from a long line of old traditional singers and musicians.

Venue: Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow G41 1BA, UK


Outline of the Programme

9.40 Registration opens

10.00 Welcome 

10.30  Seamus McPhee- Introducing Iriss’ work on social care and Gypsy travellers 

11.30 Break

11.45  Isaac Blake - Reflections on the ‘Stories on Health and Wellness’ project led by NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights and Romani Arts and Cultural Company

12.30 Lunch and exhibition viewing

1.45  Geetha Marcus – Gypsy and Traveller Girls in the UK: Silence, Agency and Power.

2.30 Break 

2.45 Presentation of the Roma Community Govanhill Case study

3.30 Break

3.45  Thomas McCarthy performance

4.30 Finish

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