Celebrating Community Social Work


Do you know of a good example of community social work? If so, please read on.

Iriss want to celebrate community social work in Scotland, showcasing what it is and it can offer in 2017 and beyond.

hey aim to do this through creating a digital suite of engaging multi-media case studies or stories, grounded in real life context and experience.

What Iriss hope to achieve:

  • Celebration of the achievements of community social work
  • Sharing good practice and learning
  • Greater understanding of what community social work is and has to offer
  • Help influence future policy and practice around what this means specifically for the social work profession

In a second phase, Iriss plan to discuss what this means for the social work profession (and in its relationship with others) in the current context and landscape.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in working with Iriss, to help produce a case study or story, read further information about the project and answer four questions. Questions need to be completed and sent by Wednesday, 4th October 2017.

Decisions on which stories have been selected will be communicated no later than 20th October 2017.

If selected, Iriss will expect the main contact person to help set up meetings with key people, and support data collection as part of the fieldwork stage. This is planned across the case studies for November 2017-January/ February 2018. Iriss will cover travel expenses or hospitality costs associated with the involvement of  service-users/carers/community members in the telling of any of these case studies/ stories. 

Iriss will be looking to reflect good practice, learning and diversity in the selected case studies that will help meet what the project hopes to achieve. 

If you have any questions or would welcome further discussion, email: kerry.musselbrook@iriss.org.uk or telephone: 0141 559 5062.

Good Luck.