Carers Voice, Carers Choice! Participatory Budgeting Event

In February 2016, Perth and Kinross Council and partners organised a Participatory Budgeting event to enable unpaid carers to be involved in deciding how money is spent to benefit them. The event brought together unpaid carers to decide how £20,000 of funding would be spent on projects that would benefit them.

PB Scotland attended the event and have written up a report of the day’s proceedings. Alan Budge of PB Partners UK also attended and described it as “A great example of taking PB into a new area and seeing it succeed brilliantly”. You can read the full report here.

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PB Scotland is looking to cover 6-8 future PB initiatives, capturing the enthusiasm, innovation and learning and sharing it on the website. We want to attend any live events, interview people involved and record the process PB Scotland using written, audio-visual and social media. This will be brought together on the PB Scotland website to provide an attractive, informative account of the PB process. We may also be able to write up previous PB activity.

To get in touch you can email Andrew Paterson / Sam Jordan at or call 0141 248 1924. From there we can discuss the best way to record your PB activity.

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