Cardenden visit for £2m PB funding announcement

The Scottish Government's Community Choices Fund was announced on the 26th February 2016 by Community Empowerment Minister Marco Biagi in Cardenden, Fife. The new £2 million fund will enable further involvement from community organisations and other public bodies interested in participatory budgeting and build on the 50 projects currently underway.

PB Scotland visited Cardenden as part of the Minister's announcement to learn more about the PB work being carried out by the local community. We spoke with members of Cardenden Community Development Forum, the community steering group for the local PB process, as well as people from the local council and Coalfields Regeneration Trust, which supported the work.

The Minister met with members of the Forum and visited the local community shop, which was developed as part of the wider community activity that resulted from the PB process.

The report, available on the PB Scotland site, also includes video interviews with the Minister on his views around PB.

Read the full report here

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