Call out for proposals to contribute to the conference

We invite you to submit your proposal for how you can contribute.  We want contributions to go toward the overall aims of the conference which are to learn from each other and plan for the future. 

We hope that contributions come in all shapes and sizes but fit with one of the following themes:

1.         Critical discussions or debates

2.         Demonstrating Co-production toolkits or resources – let’s get them used.

3.         Real life scenarios - testing how co-production can work ‘live’.

4.         Training – how to co-produce / what is and what is not co-production.

5.         Other ideas you might have.  

We are really keen to receive proposals or suggestions which involve or are led by people with lived experience of co-production, either in design or delivery.  Don’t be put off if these don’t fit our themes – we are happy to discuss your suggestions.

Most sessions will last for around 1hour 30 minutes.

Please download the proposal form here

Please submit your proposal to David Reilly,, the deadline for submissions is Tuesday 7th April 2015.  We are able to pay some expenses to groups that would otherwise be unable to contribute.

We aim to inform you if your submission is successful by Friday 20th April 2015.