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Glasgow Homelessness Network event: Co-producing homeless services

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Tuesday 24th March 2015 10am-3pm, Adelaide’s, Bath Street, Glasgow

Over time, there’s been many changes in how services are designed and delivered – from something we did to people, then for people and now with people. The ideas behind coproduction build on this change.

This year’s SHIEN conference will explore what coproduction really means, what it might offer us – and whether it could transform how we tackle homelessness in Scotland.

Come along to:

  • Meet other people working and living with homelessness
  • Enjoy a great lunch and some musical entertainment

To book:

  • Phone 0141 420 7272 / 07834 437 185
  • Email shien@ghn.org.uk
  • Web www.ghn.org.uk/shien/booking

You can download more information here.

Save the date and co-create - 4th National Co-production Conference!

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4th National Co-production Conference 2015

Tuesday 12th May 2015
Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

We'd like to invite you to save the date for the 4th National Co-production Conference for 2015!

Following the meeting of network members at a conference planning group last month, we're really looking forward to bringing more of your ideas and enthusiasm for co-production to the conference this year. 

We're currently finalising a few details, but we'll be in touch soon to look for your ideas and input into developing the content for the day.

We look forward to sharing more and hearing from you all soon. In the meantime, why not let folks know on social media? #copro2015 and you can click on the links below.

4th National Co-production Conference 2015
Tuesday 12th May 2015
Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

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Sam Jordan
Information and Communications Officer, SCDC

From the Network: Co-production cases studies

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We're always busy working with Network members to publish new case studies and stories around co-production in Scotland. We're currently developing a new suite of resources, which will be published soon, but below are some of the case studies published with our partners over the last year.

Lochside Neighbourhood Group

This case study looks at the work of the Lochside Neighbourhood Group - a South Ayrshire regeneration forum with its roots firmly planted in co-production, partnership working and bringing together a common vision for the improvement of Lochside and its community.

Download it here.

NHS Tayside Breastfeeing Initiative

This case study examines the work of Janet Dalzell, the Breastfeeding Co-ordinator in Tayside NHS and Kate Jones, a mum who worked together to develop information around breastfeeing for new mums. 

This case study was produced by the Scottish Co-production Network, Scottish Community Development Centre, NHS Tayside and the ALLIANCE as part of the People Powered Health and Wellbeing programme

You can read the full case study here

IRISS - Pilotloght project

This case details the Pilotlight Project, run by the the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services. Pilotlight aims to deliver four pathways to self-directed support in the form of service blueprints. 

This case study was produced by the Scottish Co-production Network, Scottish Community Development Centre, Pilotlight, IRISS and the ALLIANCE as part of the People Powered Health and Wellbeing programme.

Read more here.

Please help us set up a Co-production Network for Wales!

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Dear lovely Scottish colleagues

We (Co-production Wales) are currently entirely voluntary/unfunded, which limits our capacity to start the revolution. So we are hoping to get Lottery funding to set up a member-led Co-pro Network for Wales (based on your epic example). If you / your organisations have benefitted from the Scottish Network please send us an email telling us how, plus a sentence or two about you and the work you do. Every single message will help strengthen our chances of success. And you will be forever blessed!

My email is ruth@coproductiontraining.com.

Thanks all, and thanks for the continuing inspiration. Ruth

New resources added!

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Hello all! We've added a few new items to the resources section, along with some new videos. 

Rural communities and co-production

This report, Involving Rural Communities in Health and Care Services Co-Production: promoters and barriers as reported in the academic literature, is about what helps and hinders the involvement of remote and rural communities in the co-production of health and care.

Find out more in the Research or Related resource section.

How social action is transforming lives

This video from NESTA talks about involvement of volunteers in public bodies. You can see more in the Video section here.

Plus lots more!

Found anything new or interesting to share? Leave a comment or get in touch: sam@scdc.org.uk.

PPHW Reference Group recruitment

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PPHW Reference Group recruitment
PPHW is part of the National Person-Centred Health and Social Care Programme and is funded by the Scottish Government.

The PPHW Reference Group aims to achieve this by providing a platform for people who use supports and services and carers to influence and provide a lived-experience voice.  Reference Group meetings take place every other month (on average) with regular attendance being beneficial.  

Further to Group meetings there are regular opportunities for members to attend conferences, workshops, and training, forums and networking events.

For more information click here or contact download a reference group form here and Lisa.Gardner@alliance-scotland.org.uk.