Powering Ahead: Citizen involvement in the future of public services - 28 Aug (Perth)

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Don't miss out on a rare opportunity to be inspired by two leaders in community empowerment from the internationally acclaimed Highlander Center in Appalachia, Tennessee, alma mater of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.
  • Dewars Centre Perth, Thursday 28 August 2014
Pam McMichael and Elandria Williams from Highlander will run two Skilled Citizen masterclasses as part of this unique action learning event for active citizens, third sector organisations and public bodies in Scotland.  
  • How can community members, public sector staff and the third sector genuinely work together as equals, not simply to reshape public services, but to transform our communities?
  • What skills and resources do local people need to be more effective agents for change within their own communities and how can they get them?
  • Do public sector staff have the skills and knowledge they need to work differently with local people?
  • How can the opportunities afforded by major change programmes such as Health & Social Care Integration and Community Empowerment help move Scotland closer to delivering the sort of transformation proposed in the Christie Report?
  • Where can we find the inspiration and enthusiasm that we all need to work together in the long term for communities that are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable?
These are some of the questions that will be discussed in round table action learning sets at this participatory event that is being organised by the Fred Edwards Trust with the support of the Scottish Community Development Center, PKAVS and Perth & Kinross Council.   

To register, please click here

Whose Shoes workshop, 24th Oct, Glasgow

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Whose Shoes?® is an award-winning and exciting workshop allowing you to 'walk in other people's shoes' through a range of activities and topics.

This event will give you a chance to hear from Gill of Whose Shoes? and Ken who is living well with dementia, then they will give you the opportunity to try out the approach under the watchful guidance of Gill, Ken and the team. A networking lunch and a chance to talk to Ken, Gill and all the team will also be available. You can find out more about the @WhoseShoes approach here.To find out more about Dementia Scotland Consultancy and Training see here.

  • Friday, Oct. 24th
  • 10am Glasgow City, United Kingdom Scotland

You can find out more and book here.