Introducing creative practices


Hi, amongst other things I'm studying Design for Services in Dundee. 

As part of this course I am currently exploring the question of how creative practices (especially drawing and modelling, but to a lesser extent music, storytelling or any other creative practice you can think of) can best be introduced when working with people who may be feel less than comfortable about it.

My observation from recent experience is that a majority of people feel comfortable enough with writing on sticky notes but, in contrast, it is only a minority that feel comfortable with drawing and/or modelling their ideas. Sir Ken Robinson might explain this by suggesting people have natural creativity educated out of them by our current system, so it is perhaps not surprising, but can anything be done about it given it might be important if you want to truly co-produce anything? I am also keeping an open mind about why and indeed whether trying to introduce these practices is a good thing. 

I would be interested to hear of any experiences that Network members have in this area. Have you also found it difficult to encourage some people to try more creative practices out? What did you try and what worked? I would also be interested to hear views on the value of getting over any barriers. What happened? For example did people become converts, did it enable anyone to join in who hadn't before, were the ideas developed better or were they implemented more enthusiastically? 

Thanks in advance



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