Co-production Case Study Collection

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Hello everyone. My name is Lucy Ritchie, and I am part of a group called Independent Living in Scotland, which works to raise awareness of the rights disabled people have to live a life on their own terms, and to increase access to those rights. Coproduction is a method which ILIS considers to be an essential part of successful work towards social change, and because of this the group has commissioned me to produce a document which collects 5 case studies of the ways in which coproduction has been used and the results it has achieved. This collection is meant to inspire others, groups or individuals, to work together more successfully as equal partners to achieve their goals.

The case studies on this website are exactly the kind of stories I'm looking for, and I'm writing here to ask permission to perhaps use the details of one or 2 of them in my collection. They will of course be written out and discussed differently, and full credit will be given in the finished document in whatever form the members here advise me would be appropriate. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I would appreciate any help and advice anyone here would have.

Many thanks in advance,