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As I slowly get better at tweeting, I am stumbling across more and more stimulating blogs and articles by following #coproduction. Such as... an interesting international perspective that highlights different understandings of co-production, empowerment and participation in cities. Some interesting reflections of how far co-production has come in the UK and an short Guardian piece that challenges the view that co-production isn't new. Our Welsh friends at All in This Together are also tweeting to gathering signatures for their letter to the Welsh Government, and closer to home, links to examples of co-production in care leavers' services and local housing strategies.

I use the hashtag #coproductionscotland for sharing news of co-production in Scotland, and you can follow me @SCDC_Olivia,  (I'd also recommend following @evoc_milind who is a speedy tweeter on all things co-production from our very own network!)