CoProduction - A Community Group Perspective


I recently talked to someone who manages a community group in Harris.  They provide services to the community as a voluntary organisation. She asked if they were coproducers as they involve the community in the design, development and evaluation of their services.  As far as I can see CoProduction relates exclusively to statutory this the way it should be?


Posted by Susan Scott on
Hello Paul, nice to meet you on the network,
My understanding of co production is it is a way of living our lives as both givers and receivers of support, care etc. We are all interdependent, sometimes we need help, sometimes we give it.
I think where it relates only to statutory services is in the need to change so that people formerly regarded only as a burden or passive recipient of care can contribute to the service in some way using their own particular skills and assets. (Feeling useless is a not good for any of us). Involvement increases recovery rates and general wellbeing so people are less in need of services ie it saves money!
co production is firmly rooted in communities and needs to grow and be nurtured from there.
Thats what I think anyway!
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