CoProduction - A Community Group Perspective

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I recently talked to someone who manages a community group in Harris.  They provide services to the community as a voluntary organisation. She asked if they were coproducers as they involve the community in the design, development and evaluation of their services.  As far as I can see CoProduction relates exclusively to statutory services....is this the way it should be?

Deepening and widening co-production for better outcomes in health and social care

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Looking forward to attending these events with Governance International and the Joint Improvement Team this week and hearing how practitioners are putting co-production into action in their areas.

For more information on the Joint Improvement Team's work on co-production visit http://www.jitscotland.org.uk/ 

Community-led approaches to health improvement

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As part of the Meeting the Shared Challenge national capacity building programme for community-led health, a series of case studies were produced in 2009 by Peter Taylor which highlight strategic approaches to community-led health improvement. It contains a set of learning points from the programme which will be useful for practitioners embedding co-production into practice.