100 members!

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A very special welcome to our 100th member, Steven K from the Scottish Youth Parliament!

The network is really growing as is sign up for the first learning event on 9th November in Perth, so don't forget to register before the closing date this week if you want to come along - see the Events page.

Remember, you can start sharing practice and useful links in the Discussions area, don't be shy!



Welcome to the Network, on behalf of Co Chairs Catriona Ness and Fiona Garven

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Hello and a very warm welcome to you all.We're so pleased that you have signed up to the Network and hope that you will find it a friendly, informative forum and a great place to share experiences and challenges within a Scottish context.

We have a wonderful cross section of members so our Network meetings are always a rich source of new perspectives and practice exchange.We are hoping to develop Local Learning events to suit local needs as well as support larger National events and Conferences.

Your input and ideas are welcome and essential, members have already assisted in co-designing this on-line resource. We will continue to work in partnership to co-create and co-produce and co-deliver through our Network connections so please stay in touch,share your thoughts,post information,let us know what you want, need and could offer.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon in online debates and discussions and even better, to meeting you all in person at forthcoming network events.

Until then, all the best in promoting co-production principles in your work places and your communities.

Catriona & Fiona


First learning event - sign up now!

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Hi everyone,

I'll be meeting up with PLUS Perth & Kinross and their partners this week to plan the first learning event. If you are interested in helping out then please get in touch!

Registration is now open and places are limited so sign up now!