What's happening during co-production week 2018


Watch, Act, Vote: An interactive workshop on legislative theatre 

WHERE: Calton Heritage and Learning Centre, 423 London Road, Glasgow, G40 1AG

WHEN: Tuesday 20th November, 10am-4pm

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Katy Rubin, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, will lead an interactive workshop on Legislative Theatre, a creative, fun and participatory policy-changing and civic-engagement process, in which participants will develop policy proposals based on a current local issue. The workshop will be followed by a short presentation on the legislative changes sparked by this process in NYC (more in this report), and a Q&A about applying Legislative Theatre to local issues and institutions. 

The event will be opened by a performance from the fabulous Purple Poncho Players who use music, comedy and drama to depict their own real life experiences on stage, for audiences of policy makers, service managers, and government officials.

And we’ll hear from participants from Edinburgh based arts company Active Inquiry who create theatre and arts projects with and for communities.  Active Inquiry will talk about their involvement in an international project with groups from Poland, Italy and Slovenia about experiences and experiments with using and investigating Legislative theatre.



WATCH original plays based on the actors’ lived experiences.

ACT on stage to brainstorm alternatives to the problems presented. Jokers open the stage to Spect-actors to rehearse new ideas. Everyone writes their ideas on notecards that are processed and sorted by the Policy Advisory Team.

VOTE with government representatives. Policy-makers present proposals based on the collected ideas. The crowd debates each idea. All present vote on the proposals. If the majority of people accept the idea as presented, the government representatives make a promise to act on those ideas after leaving the theatre.

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In it together: what do we know about co-production with children and young people?

WHERE: ECCI, High School Yards, Edinburgh EH1 1LZ

WHEN: Thursday 22nd November, 9.30am - 1.30pm, 

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In it together – what do we know about co-production with children and young people?

Thursday 22nd November, 9.30am - 1.30pm, Edinburgh

Come together at this event and ask: how well are we co-producing with children and young people? We’ll hear from some young people about their experiences of co-designing, improving, and shaping services and policy, and from youth organisations who are supporting young people to participate.

The event will be an opportunity to think about:

  • What opportunities are there for working with young people in a more co-productive way?
  • What needs to change to support children and young people to truly co-produce the decisions that impact on their futures?

Co-hosted by Canongate Youth, we'll hear from Youth Scotland and two young people themselves who have been using their experience to co-design services in Glasgow.

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