For Co-production Week Scotland we asked you to tell us your vision for co-production in Scotland. Whether co-production is part of your work or something you're interested in we want to hear abouth the ways you think co-production can make Scotland a more inclusive, participative and equal place to live.

We'll be compiling all of your responses into a vision document, which will be circulated in the new year. You could tell us with...

  • A postcard! Download our postcard template, write your postcard and send us a snap of you holding it via email, twitter or the form below. We think this will be a really powerful tool to help us create our vision statement.
  • Some text! In one word or a few: what does co-production mean to you?
  • A video! Why not record your vision message and show us your postcard? 
  • On a real postcard! We have blank postcards we can post or email to you to send back to us (sorry but we can’t provide stamps or carrier pigeons…)

What's your vision for Co-production in Scotland?