Co-production Week Scotland took place on 14th - 20th November 2016. 

It was a chance to highlight and promote the co-production approach, celebrate good work being done at local and national level and help create a shared vision for co-production in Scotland.

The Scottish Co-production Network organised the week, along with our partners and colleagues across the country who are interested in co-production.

What happened during the week?


During the week, the Network highlighted your co-production events across Scotland. The Scottish Co-production Network also hosted a learning event, and promoted and supported network members in using the week to highlight their co-production activities. 

During the week we also published a daily blog from people immersed in the world of co-production and similar approaches to hear a range of thoughts and ideas about how we take co-production further.

We highlighted people's contributions to the Vision for Co-production in Scotland - where we asked people to submit their thoughts, text, pictures and video about their visions.

And a whole loads of tweets using #CoProWeekScot! We covered everything using our @ScotCoPro Twitter account and loads of people got involved.

How did people get involved?

Vision_example.jpegLots of ways! Co-production Week Scotland was led the more than 1,000 members of the Scottish Co-production Network, along with anyone else who is interested in how co-production is changing how Scotland thinks about public services, community involvement and empowerment.

Why a week for Co-production in Scotland?

cpw-logo-square.pngCo-production has come a long way in Scotland, thanks to all of the work and enthusiasm of people like you who have been championing it as a way to have more participative communities and services across the country. In the past we've had national conferences which have brought many of you together to hear first hand the difference co-production makes. 

With Co-production Week Scotland, it was time to build on the enthusiasm and messages for a national campaign where we can all contribute our ideas, thoughts and examples of where co-production has made a real difference. We hope the week gave people a new insight into the breadth of co-productive work that's been happening, and also introduce new people to this way of working and thinking.

The week itself was the focus for the campaign, which will be taking place before and afterwards to build up a momentum for taking co-production forward. 

What is co-production?

Good question! Co-production can be a little hard to define, and it's used in lots of different ways across many sectors.

Co-production essentially describes a relationship between service provider and service user that draws on the knowledge, ability and resources of both to develop solutions in an equal and reciprocal way.

Co-production can be about services, but also the way entire communities work. Learn more about co-production here

Keep up-to-date with everything around co-production through the 

SCN website and Twitter @ScotCoPro.