Co-production Week Scotland 2018 will take place from 19th - 25th November 2018. We'll have much more to share soon! In the meantime, see what we got up to in 2017.


#CoProWeekScot 2017 

This year we brought together a series of events, blogs and activity from network members and partners from across Scotland and what a great week we had. 

This year we focused on the theme "power". And we asked:

  • How can we address power imbalance through co-production?
  • What are the barriers that inequality of power brings?
  • How do we ensure power is shared equally?

To help answer these questions, network members hosted a number of events , provided a series of blogs and here at the Scottish Co-production Network, we hosted three Twitter Chats during the week. 

Day 1: Monday 27th November

  • We had our first Twitter Chat from 12-1pm and we asked: What are the barriers that inequality of power brings? We generated a great conversation with lots of great answersHere are some of the responses we had. Want to see more? Type in the hashtag #CoProWeekScot. 






  •  Continuing on from this converstaion on power, H&SC Academy hosted a Twitter Chat from 2-3pm. 


Day 2: Tuesday 28th November 

  • Gerry Power, Director of Integration of the Alliance  shared with us a blog post exploring the week's theme titled  "Power on Power". Read here>>
  • GCPH Glasgow's Healtheir Future Forum hosted the first event of the week "Power, Health and Social Justice"The focus of this event was on how power might be redistributed more equally with communities and how we can collectively realise the vision for greater community empowerment in Scotland. This was a great event which brought together almost 200 delegates to engage on the emerging issues of relevance to health and health inequalities. Check out the twitter chat of the event by using the hashtag #GHFF20line.PNG

Day 3: Wednesday 29th November 

  • In the morning we released two blogs by two PB Champions, First up we had Margaret MacBain from East Ayrshire Council sharing an example of their work around PB so far, and how co-production helped to shape it. Read here>>
  • Next we had a blog from Paul Johnson from Midlothian Council who provided an insight to the process of 3 innovative participatory budgeting projects called ‘Food, Glorious Food’. Read here>>
  • The Alliance hosted an event on Wednesday which aimed to generate learning centred around the relationship between self managment and co-production. 
  • Our second Twitter Chat of the week was from 12-1pm and we asked: How can we address power imbalances through co-production? Here are some of the responses we had.




Day 4: Thursday 30th November 

  • Thursday morning we released two blog posts. One by Fiona Jamieson, Programme Manager at The Robertson Trust who gave an insight into their work the Heart and Soul Women's Centre. Read here>>
  • And another by our very own CHEX colleague Elspeth Gracey, who gave an honest take on the theme of the week "Power" and it's relationship with Co-Production. Read here>>
  • Inspiralba hosted a networking event in Argyll. The event included network sharing, opportunities for collaboration and a session to consider how to take forward the priorities identified for an Argyll Social Enterprise Action Plan for Argyll.  There was also a Dragons Den process for folk who had an idea for a new social enterprise, or in the early stages of developing a social enterprise. 
  • Thursday marked the launch of "The Power of Stories: 100 Stories of Co-production event. This event showcased the new 5-min film ‘Created By Conversation’, plus four other short films. They’re all created as tools to help spread the co-production message beyond the ‘usual suspects’. View all five films here>>


Day 5: Friday 1st December 

  • What Works Scotland hosted an event which looked at the role of co-production, its role in reforming public services and how co-production can best be used to help develop sustainable and effective public services.
  • This morning's blog post reflected on the potential of co-production to distribute power - Josie Vallely, Project Manager at Iriss. Read here >>
  • We also had a new blog post by Steven Marwick from Evaluation Support Scotland- Should we evaluate co-production?  What methods should we use to measure co-production?  Can we evaluate in a co-productive way? Read here>>

  • We had our last Twitter Chat were we asked our third and final question: How do we ensure power is shared equally?


During the week network members provided many great and very useful resources as part of #CoProWeekScot: