26th March practice exchange, Stirling

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At this practice exchange we heard from 3 different network members about their activities:

1) The Stirling Capacity-building Programme

"The Capacity-building Programme has been designed and piloted in Stirling by a partnership of local agencies and organisations. It was designed to assist service users, carers, providers and purchasers in learning skills and approaches to planning services and businesses that will support them in participating in designing and services to meet the needs of residents and local communities. There are 4 key elements to the programme:

a)    preparatory course for service users based on cognitive models of self development

b)   college-based skills training on service and project planning activities such as market/customer research, business planning, monitoring the quality of services

c)    development group work supported by a mentor in addressing areas for possible partnership development e.g. social enterprises for training and employment opportunities (supported by Stirling Voluntary Enterprise)

d)   co-production approaches to service planning – workshops and events to promote co-production approaches (SVE, Forth Valley College and Artlink Central) to promote service user engagement in co-production activity


2) Young Scot

Lisa Murphy gave an input on Young Scot services, specifically consultation and co-design, youth engagement and youth information services. "Young Scot plays a key role in supporting partners to engage and consult young people across Scotland, helping them to influence the design and delivery of policy and services. A key ambition is to go beyond consultation, involving them more systematically in co-designing solutions".

Lisa shared her experience of a collaborative co-design approach between young people and Police Scotland which has resulted in the young people co-designing the new Police Scotland website. Find out more about Your Future Your Police here

3) Neighbourhood Networks

"Neighbourhood Networks has now celebrated its 10th year and therefore has very good solid roots both in terms of the work that we have already done and in having a good solid foundations in many communities across North Lanarkshire, Glasgow, & West Dumbarton.

We recognise that as an Organisation our Vision has to be flexible in order to move with the ever changing climate in which we live, work, and socialise in. This means that the relationships that we have with and within our communities are crucial to keeping up with those changes.

As an organisation a huge part of our Vision for the future is for Neighbourhood Networks and it's members to play a much more integral part in our communities. This doesn't just mean taking a passive interest, but instead leading, with new and innovative ways of making connections and supporting communities to use the gifts, skills, and strengths that all communities innevitabely have, Then turning these into positive outcomes for everyone!"