About the Scottish Co-production Network

As interest in co-production begins to take root in Scotland, the Scottish Co-production Network provides a locus for the sharing of learning and the exchange of co-production practice.JIT_copro_event_Feb_2013_030.JPG

Through this website, regular network meetings, learning events and support to local activity, the network aims to:

  • Build on existing co-production activity in Scotland
  • Be a forum for learning, debate and development of ideas
  • Create a space for practice & information exchange
  • Support dialogue and advance co-production approaches in Scotland

The Scottish Co-production Network is free and open to anyone who is interested in co-production in Scotland. As a member of the network, you will be invited to learning events, network meetings and be able to take part in discussions and information sharing on the website. In order to ensure the network is effective in developing practice around co-production in Scotland, members are encouraged to contribute to the network by sharing their learning and experience through the online discussions, attending meetings and sharing useful information and case studies.

If you would like to join the network you can sign up here - it’s free and only requires basic information.

The network is currently supported by a dedicated part-time co-ordinator based at Scottish Community Development Centre, please click here to contact Olivia.